Who Moved My Cheese Quotes

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is a book that offers valuable lessons on how to cope with change in life and work.

The book uses a simple story of four characters, two mice and two humans, who live in a maze and depend on cheese for their survival. The cheese represents whatever we want or need in life, such as money, career, health, or happiness.

The maze represents the environment where we look for our cheese, such as our workplace, community, or family. The book shows how each character reacts differently when their cheese is moved or taken away, and how their attitudes and behaviors affect their outcomes.

The book is full of memorable quotes that capture the essence of the author’s message and inspire readers to embrace change and move forward. Here are some of the best quotes from Who Moved My Cheese? and what they mean:

– “Life moves on and so should we”

This quote reminds us that change is inevitable and we should not cling to the past or resist the present. Instead, we should accept reality and adapt to the new circumstances.

– “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

This quote challenges us to overcome our fears and take action. Fear can paralyze us and prevent us from pursuing our goals and dreams. By asking ourselves this question, we can discover what we really want and what is holding us back.

– “What you are afraid of is never as bad as what you imagine. The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists”

This quote reveals that our imagination can exaggerate the negative consequences of change and create anxiety and stress.

By facing our fears and confronting reality, we can realize that things are not as bad as we think and that we can handle them.

– “The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese”

This quote advises us to let go of the things that are no longer serving us and look for new opportunities and possibilities.

Holding on to old cheese can make us complacent and stagnant while letting go can open us to new experiences and growth.

– “See what you’re doing wrong, laugh at it, change, and do better”

This quote encourages us to have a sense of humor and learn from our mistakes. Instead of being defensive or stubborn, we should be able to laugh at ourselves and acknowledge our flaws.

Then, we should be willing to change and improve ourselves.

– “If you do not change, you can become extinct”

This quote warns us of the dangers of staying in our comfort zone and refusing to change. If we do not adapt to the changing environment, we can lose our relevance and competitiveness.

We should be proactive and seek change, rather than reactive and wait for change to happen to us.

– “It is safer to search in the maze than to remain in a cheeseless situation”

This quote suggests that taking risks and exploring new possibilities is better than staying in a hopeless and unsatisfying situation.

By venturing into the unknown, we can discover new cheese and new opportunities. By staying in the familiar, we can miss out on the potential rewards.

– “Movement in new direction helps find new cheese”

This quote implies that change requires action and initiative. We cannot expect to find new cheese by doing the same things over and over again.

We have to move in a new direction and try new things. By doing so, we can increase our chances of finding what we want.

– “Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old”

This quote advises us to be alert and aware of the changes happening around us. We should not take things for granted or assume that they will last forever.

We should monitor the situation and anticipate the need for change. By doing so, we can prepare ourselves and avoid being caught off guard.

– “The fastest way to change is to laugh at your own folly”

This quote promotes a positive and humble attitude towards change. We should not take ourselves too seriously or be ashamed of our failures.

We should be able to laugh at our own folly and recognize our limitations. By doing so, we can free ourselves from the burden of ego and pride and embrace change more easily.


The book is full of memorable quotes that capture the essence of the author’s message. Some of the quotes are about overcoming fear, moving on, and finding new cheese in the maze of life.

Some of the quotes are about the importance of being flexible, adaptable, and proactive in the face of change. Some of the quotes are about the benefits of having a positive mindset, a sense of humor, and a vision for the future.

The book encourages us to embrace change, rather than resist it, and to see it as an opportunity for growth, learning, and improvement.

The book is a timeless classic that can help anyone who is facing change in any aspect of their life. It is a short and easy read that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

It is a powerful and inspiring book that can motivate us to take action and make the most of our situation. It is a book that can help us find our new cheese and enjoy it.